Trippy Drippy | HHC HHCO THCO 2ml Disposable Vape Pen | OG KUSH

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Trippy Drippy | HHC HHCO THCO Disposable Vape Pen 2ml| OG Kush

The #1 Disposable Legal THC Vapes on the Market

Looking to up your vaping game? Check out Trippy Drippy, the new 2ml disposable vape packed with pure hemp-derived cannabinoids. With three temperature settings, an on/off switch, and most importantly a preheat mode (no more clogged devices) you can customize your vaping experience to suit your mood. And at 2,000mg of cannabinoids & terpenes, this bad boy is sure to deliver some serious effects. Whether you're looking for a quick hit of energy from the HHC or a longer-lasting high from the hhco and thco, Trippy Drippy has you covered. So why wait? Grab a Trippy Drippy and get your vape on!

What's in HHC HHCO THCO Disposable Vape box?

Get ready for some good vibrations. Each 2ml disposable contains 2000mg of pure hemp-derived cannabinoids:

HHC 40%

HHCO 40%

THCO 10%


The disposable vape pen requires no self assembly and is ready to use right out of the box with no charging required. Simply presss the button 5 times to turn on, press it 2 times to pre-heat, then next just press and hold and draw on the mouthpiece as you would with any other vape pen. You can also change the temp/power by pressing it 3 times.

Strain/Flavor: OG KUSH

Type: Sativa Hybrid

Cannabinoids: 2000mg of THC, HHC, THCO and TERPENES

Residual Solvents: 100% fully refined hemp derived cannabinoids. No additional solvents or residues. All residue testing is performed by an independent third party laboratory.