Bearly Legal Blends of Exotic Cannabinoids THC

Introducing Bearly Legal Blends!

Hemp, being the truly remarkable plant that it is, produces such a vast array of incredible compounds that we are only beginning to scratch the surface on the potential of what this plant offers.

While each cannabinoid providing an independent role and function its truly a shame to not offer what we find to be the perfect mashup, the mixtape, the true entourage of cannabinoid blends and terpenes that we can uncover to deliver the ultimate effect based experience. 

This is why we decided to launch our new line of synergistic blends of exotic cannabinoids under the name Bearly Legal Blends.

What is Bearly Legal Blends? 

Bearly Legal Blends is not just one cannabinoid like delta-8 or 9 or 10, it is a blend of cannabinoids & terpenes with diverse but synergistic effects that compliment each other to achieve a focused effect or experience. Each one is different and is designed to deliver a different experience. This is truly the entourage effect 2.0 and we firmly believe the future of this industry.

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8 of 8 Items