Affiliate & Referral Program

delta 8 referral affiliate influencer programBearly Legal, the Worlds #1 Delta-8, and Exotic Cannabinoid Hemp Brand is excited to offer our new referral & affiliate program.

The way it works is simple;

  • Earn 30% Of Every Referral Sale You Send Our Way!
    • 45 Day Cookie (Tracking)
    • Monthly Payouts with Venmo, CashApp or other Quick Transfers
    • Professional Refersion Affiliate Software
    • Sign-up in Seconds
    • So Many Ways to Refer!
      • Perfect for Referring Friends
      • Video and Youtube Reviews
      • Instagram, Twitch & TikTok Influencers
      • Word of Mouth Marketing
    • Get your own marketing URL (

So why promote Bearly Legal, the #1 Delta 8 Brand?

    • Delta-8 is one of the hottest industries in the CPG & Hemp space. With surging consumer sales which are predicted to top CBD and other hemp products currently on the market.
    • Bearly Legal Hemp has Excellent Market Penetration, Brand Awareness, and recognition in the Delta-8 and Hemp industries
  • Analytics & Conversions
    • Our conversion rate is consistently of 4%-5% - topping almost all industry averages.
    • Bearly Legal is ranked in the top 1% of traffic in Shopify stores launched on the same date.
    • Strong ratio of Existing Customer Retention as well as New Customer Conversions
    • Very low return rates at only 0.5% and lower
    • Very reasonable & competitive product pricing with high average order value (AOV) per customer
    • Expertise in Behavioral Conversion Nudges
      • Cross-selling
      • Bundling
      • Volume Discounts
      • User-Generated Content
      • REAL Social Proof
  • Innovative & Cutting Edge Products
    • Frequent Product Releases
    • New & Exciting Product Lines
      • THCO vape tanks and gummies
      • Delta-8 Cigarettes 
      • Proprietary ceramic & zirconium tanks
      • Temp Controlled and Metered Hardware
    • Development of New Hemp Derived Cannabinoids
      • THCP, CBDP, HHC & More
  • Judge.Me Review Medals
    • Platinum Authenticity (100% of our reviews our verified buyers)
    • Over 815+ Verified Reviews
    • Over 100+ Verified Reviews in the past 30 days
    • Top 1% Trending Badge for Verified Reviews in the Past 30 Days
    • Over 4.7 Stars out of 5 on Average

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