Disrupting Tobacco: The World's First "Tobacco-Free Nicotine" infused Hemp Cigarettes

Disrupting Tobacco: The World's First "Tobacco-Free Nicotine" infused Hemp Cigarettes

Posted by The Bear on Nov 14, 2022

Bearly Legal Launches All New Tobacco-Free Nicotine Hemp Smokes

What makes Bearly Legal Hemp's Tobacco-Free Nicotine Infused Hemp Cigarettes so revolutionary?

With Bearly Legal Hemp's Tobacco-Free Nicotine Infused Hemp Cigarettes, you can finally experience the true satisfaction of a tobacco cigarette with the nicotine included, but ditch all the other chemicals and unknowns in processed tobacco. Instead replace all that with raw, cannabinoid-rich, hemp. 

There's literally thousands of chemicals in real tobacco cigarettes. Bearly Legal's new Nicotine smokes contain only 2 ingredients; 

1. Raw, Unadulterated Hemp Flower

2. Tobacco-Free Nicotine. 

Simple is Better.

For years, tobacco companies have been able to get away with using a whole host of unhealthy chemicals that are completely unnecessary in their products. Instead of processsed tobacco, we utilize raw hemp flower that is rich in CBD, CBG and other phyto-cannabinoids and infuse it with a low-dose of nicotine that is not derived from any tobacco sources. Smoking is a habit that has been with us since the dawn of time. There are many different opinions out there on the science and health involved in smoking, but one thing remains, smokers are always looking for alternatives to tobacco. 

At Bearly Legal Hemp were inspired to create and offer a tobacco-free nicotine infused hemp cigarette that is plant based, raw, vegan, and available now. 

Why Bearly Legal Hemp Smokes?

  • Our hemp cigarettes are made with 100% raw hemp flower and synthetic nicotine. Nothing more. 
  • The same satisfaction as a real cigarette without the chemical overload found in tobacco.
  • 100% Biodegradable Filter 
  • Absolutely no tobacco whatsoever.
  • This new industry disruptor is unlike anything you have seen before. The worlds first and only hemp cigarette that is infused with 100% tobacco-free nicotine.. Made from hemp flower and tobacco-free Nic, our new smokes satisfy those nicotine cravings without all the unknowns and processed chemicals found in tobacco. 
  • Hemp is the best natural source of CBD, a non-psychoactive compound that has been shown to have many health benefits. 
  • Bearly Legal Hemp's hemp cigarettes are 100% tobacco-free, our nicotine is also 100% tobacco-free and our cigarettes contain no other additives or fillers.