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Bearly Legal Delta-8-THC Hemp Cigarettes - Pack


Love the focused energy it gives me with a great buzz of euphoria. I do wish I could taste the lemon a little more but that’s minor compared to the relief I feel and energy to play with my son

Grandaddy Purp | Delta 8 D8 Vape Tank

I like it

Death Star

Very amazing terpene profile with a smooth but strong kick


Nice taste but didn’t do anything for me.

THC O? Not a fan...

Honestly not a fan of the THC O. I use thc and cbd to control pain for to very serious diseases and THC O really was a waste of money for me. Delta 8 are great for a little break through pain but cbd would be more ideal. Was really looking for a better way than straight cannabis since you still can't walk around with the "green medicine".

almost perfect

I like the product it but the syringe is difficult to open and close at room temp.

Delta-8 & THC-O Combo Vape Cartridge .5ml

Pineapple Diesel - Bearly Legal THC-O Vape Tank

Wasn't expecting to fly.......

I got my 50/50 D8 & THC-O about a month ago and I didn't use it right away, which is what I do with a lot of things I've bought nd have never tried before. On a whimsical note I decided today was the day to open it up and give er' a rip................ahhI have no wings and I was flying, but at the same time I had never felt such a calm come over my complete body followed by way more intense feelings of euphoria, extreme relaxation, calmness.... most people would say really !%#@ing high. To me it's medicine so I would tell you it's extremely psychoactive. * I have never used BEARLY LEGAL products before and this is the first time ever. I can tell youthat I dig the new THC-OoOoOo.o.o. and as far as their D8 50% /THC-O 50% Blend I loved the 0.5ml Grand Daddy Purple. Don't delay......go out and get Bearly Legals NEW THC-0 or 50/50 blend today!

This review literally made me LOL. Love this. We don't normally do this but this review is worthy of a gift card! Sending you one via email right now. Thanks for your support and so happy you enjoyed the product that much!

Gas Berry - Bearly Legal THC-O Vape Tank

So very smooth!

Smooth and a creeper - takes about 30-45 mins to kick in. Great flavor and hardware, too! Would love to see the Gushers strain or the Blue Cheese strain represented in the future.


So good very good flavor and it's the best so far

New tanks are amazing

These new tanks haven't clogged once. Better airflow too. Also, improved flavor vs. the older tanks. This stuff packs a punch as well. I will be getting more for sure.

Stick with delta 8

Wanted to try the thc -O thinking it would be stronger to my surprise wasn’t the case seemed like it only lasted a day wasn’t very impressed

Delta 8 THC 25mg Gummies (600mg D8) - 24 Pack - Pineapple

Girl Scout Cookies | Delta 8 D8 Vape Tank

Strong, psychedelic high

Took 2 hits of this and barely felt it at first then 20 minutes later realized I was high as a KITE. But not much paranoia and lots of introspection and deep thoughts

Not bad, trying more strains

There’s something to this new ‘binoid, and these carts are legit. I was surprised by the quality of the cartridge itself, and the oil was pretty good. For me, the effects aren’t stronger on this one, but they do last longer than normal. Not a home run, but not a flop. I’m trying more strains from this company.

Not bad, but GG4 was better

Definitely Try It!

I waited to try this product several times before posting this review. D8 has got nothing on this THC-O. It's so SMOOTH!
No real deal, but WOW. Closest to the real deal out there besides THCp. I'm a moderate real bud smoker, so for this to hit me like it does... repetitively... it's like... Just WOW! Try it. You'll be happy you did.

Delta 8 THC 25mg Gummies (200mg D8) - 8 pack - Mixed Fruit

It was good

Glue is the truth

Like to start this off by saying I love the weed strain. It's extremely hard to find where I'm at in the country. This cart is the truth though. Hits are smooth and intoxicating! These are stronger and I felt the effects almost right away. Didnt take 30 minutes. It taste pretty good. I would say second behind watermelon zkittles. Its definitely stronger.