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Great berry taste

Very pleased great taste!

Green Crack - THC-O-Acetate Tanks - 1ml iKrusher Calibr Pro


New fav cannabinoid and flavor. So so smooth on the lungs - really gotta be careful with dosage since it takes 30-60 minutes to fully kick in

Holy Guacamole Batman!!!

Fasten your seatbelts!!! This is the smoothest vape ever. It blasts you into orbit!!!

Amazing product

Wonderful flavor this vape gives off. Long lasting and gives your body the perfect calmness!

Easiest T break ever

I am a medical patient in a legal state. In the past when the pain gets really bad and I have had to increase the use of THC to survive without biting the heads of those I love I would have to ask my doctors to supplement me with prescription medications. This time I tried doing a tolerance break by using Delta 8 for a month. It went smoothly, it is not as strong, but it is strong enough that I harmed no one and my marriage is still intact. I am now down to about 20% of the dosage I was taking, I will be continuing to use delta 8 on days that I still need to be high functioning in public and reserving the thc for evenings and rest days.

THC-O Gummies too delicious!

These THCO gummies are simply delicious and I have to resist not downing more than I should! They are great for an evening wind-down and helps with a good night sleep! The pineapple guava is very tasty! Keep these in stock, maybe larger bulk pricing? love love love!

Blue Dream - THC-O-Acetate Tanks - 1ml iKrusher Calibr Pro

Pleasantly Surprised

Nice quality and efficacy

Overall positive experience that has exceeded expectations, keep up the beneficial work 👍

Too smooth

Love the flavor so much, it's so smooth you smoke it faster... My only negative is the cart is fatter than the standard and wouldn't fit into my compact battery so I had to use a pen battery

Wrong flavor

I got strawberry instead of blueberry.

Love these!

I ordered these for my husband who loves them he had me order some more!!


I enjoyed the flavor and the high was nice as well

Good quality

Best quality I have had in a cartage. Definitely one of the only sites I trust and will order from ❤️

Thoughts on Bearly Legal

I really enjoy the Bearly Legal it helps with my anxiety and it also gives me great energy.It also helps with allowing me to sleep well at night.

Great taste... Fantastic cart

I was on the fence.. you just need to try it. It's not bad at all. No cough

Met and exceeded expectations

I was surprised how well this thing looks and functions. Having not imbibed, ingested or inhaled any mood altering substances for 5 years, I can honestly say this s#!t really fkd me up quite well. Only negative thing might be the fact that, having only used the product during the evening hours, the effects linger well into the next day, making mornings a little disorienting. But hey, I’ve already placed a second order. Conclusion: Try it! You’ll like it!

My boyfriend loved them!

I work at a CBD Store that sells these, and my fiance and I have a long distance relationship in college. So as a little treat, I ordered him a pack of these for him to try, and he absolutely loved them! Literally has mentioned how much he liked them multiple times, and is now a favorite of his. Explains why it's such a hot seller.

Great customer service

Had an issue with a pair of cartridges and it was fixed immediately. Excellent product as well.

Great. Unique and lasts

It was very smooth and incredibly close to what I expected great quality and flavor


Best THCO hope to get same quality in future

This stuff really works

I ordered this Blue Dream cart and one of the Pineapple Kush carts and they were both great! They taste great and they actually work! I was hesitant because I've never really felt much from delta 8(gummies) but was really happy with the buzz from these carts. Nice heavy indica like high. 10/10 going order again!

Excellent Choice!

This is my 1st foray into HHC. The high was a little slow coming on, but was worth the delay. Smooth, long lasting buzz. The only negative thing I can think of is it's a little harsh, so don't inhale too much. My favorites are the new THC-O products. Very smooth going down and the buzz is stronger than the HHC to me. You can't go wrong with either!

DELICIOUS and it works!

Okay the best flavor I’ve tried, (so far)! EXCELLENT quality vape tanks, SO smooth hitting!
The effects seem to hit all at once about twenty mins after ripping on it a few times and holding it in for ten good seconds each rip. I find myself nicely medicated with an up beat feel, just wish the effects lasted longer.
The “free shipping” with the company takes forever so that’s a downfall!
I’m a medical cannabis patient and I enjoy these carts a lot.
With all that said, I suggest trying these, and I’m definitely going to be a loyal customer. Thanks Bearly!


Wasn't expecting too too much from this but BOY was I floored. Amazing product, will for sure buy more