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Death Star Hemp Derived Terps - HHC 99% Hexahydrocannabinol Vape Carts

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The beez kneez

The gorilla glue thc0 is legit. Incredibly smooth a flavorful. I've been impressed with all my 🐻 purchases

THC-O is a great product

Great product. will buy more.

Returning customer

Great product!

I really like this cart! The flavor is nice and smooth but the effects are even smoother. Be careful when you first vape this product! It seems to hit me all at once about 20 minutes after my last draw from my pen. I find it to be a bit too cerebral for bedtime, but still very relaxing and uplifting. It is also good for pain. I mainly vape for pain control and sleep. But this is a good one is you want to just take the edge off your mood, or pain. I am sure that the more draws you take the stronger it will be! All in all, great cart. This one is a homerun.

Vape review

Great product my favorites are the forbidden fruit thco and watermelon skittles d8 these things smack everytime

1st Time Delta 8 Gummies tried

Never used Delta 8 or Gummies for that matter. Great product. Suggest you try half a gummy first time and give it a couple of hours to kick in.

THCO Pineapple Guava Gummies



I have been in pain management for 13 yrs. I decided to try Delta8 because I had heard it might lessen my pain and it's not another Opiod. It not only gives me some pain relief ,it also helps me focus better @ work. Will definitely be reordering.

Good taste

Tastes good and really helps w/my authritis pain. Have a Arkansas medical cannabis card but the prices make it almost exclusively for well off. This product is a good alternative for folks whose income is limited

THC-O is a great product

Very nice product. Tastes great and is easy on the throat.

I love these!

My boyfriend and I buy them all the time. We always order a pack a few days early before we run out and I can always predict when they get here because of their consistent shipping. I recommend this 10/10

Pineapple Express | Delta 8 D8 Vape Tank


Very impressed with this product. Takes care of the pain, no question.

great in taste and effects


At first I was sketched out getting them but yooo shits fantastic lol high off it right now really takes the edge off things feels like the real stuff definitely recommend

Great Gummy

Excellent product with no thc bitter aftertaste. Helps with pain and winding down before bed. I love it!


Worth every penny. I was pleasantly surprised by the East of use and the effects. I will only shop Barely Legal from here on out! The gummies are great too. Sneaky little punch they pack!

These gummies are amazeballs!!

These delta 8 gummies are the best brand that I have had. It's hard to believe that these little bears can pack such a punch but they do! Within about 30 minutes of eating one of these delightful little gummies I am feeling mighty fine. It calms my nerves and I go into chill mode. No more anxiety with these little bears 🐻.

Gorilla Glue | Delta 8 D8 Vape Tank

Much better then I expected .

I have had plenty of other brands of gummies and some good and some not so good and all of them more expensive .I am definitely stocking up on more of these.

Purple Haze

Buy it! It can hit hard so take it easy. It is great for for my insomnia. I fall asleep and stay asleep. During the day, 1 puff is just enough to curb my anxiety. With it being a purple I thought it would have a stronger grape flavor. In spite of that, the flavor is amazing. To me, the flavor is earthy with subtle grape. I will be buying this again.

Wedding cake

I all the flavors. Wedding cake is one that is ordered everytime.


These are perfect after a hard days work. Easy and mellow for my evening. I'm sure they would glide me straight through the day too!