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Delta 8 Cigarettes | HHC Smokes | Tobacco-Free Nicotine Pre-Rolls

Delta 8 Cigarettes | HHC Cigarettes

Bearly Legal brought you the World's best selling delta 8 cigarettes. The customer response has been massive, overwhelming and the Bear is here to bring even more delight! With many states outlawing delta-8 cigarettes, the "legal thc cigarette", the demand for the Bear is so high! Kinda like us... But don't fret it, we got you covered!
Introducing our latest lineup of Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Infused Cigarettes;
*All of our products contain less than .3 percent delta-9-thc and confirmed by third-party labs with full panel COAS.


50mg delta-8 thc per smoke
1,000mg D8 Per Pack
Effects: Lite-Medium Buzz
Smooth and subtle. The relaxer, the rejuvenator, the in-between... take a smoke break and chill. A+ Hemp Flower, infused with 50mg Delta-8-THC in every stick.


50mg HHC per smoke
1,000mg HHC per Pack
Effects: Medium to Heavy Buzz
These power punches hold a whopping 50mg of HHC per Cig, that's over 1,000mg a pack. Full flavor and effect. 

WHY HHC Smokes?

HHC is the new Delta-8 on the block. With states continuously pushing for state wide bans on Delta-8-THC, HHC cannabinoid is in a league of it's own. HHC is not an isomer of Delta-8-THC, it is a whole different compound that gives similar effects and qualities of D8 or THC. HHC is subjectively stronger and more potent than D8 but still is leveled out a bit by the naturally occurring CBD found in the smokes. Perfect for pre-rolls, HHC is a phytocannabinoid which means it is naturally found within the hemp plant and is 100% federally legal. All of our products contain less than .3 % Delta-9-THC.


Hemp + Tobacco Free Nic (Satisfying)
7.5mg Nic per Smoke
Effects: Just like the real thing
Functionally and substantialy equivalent to a real cigarette you'd likely not even notice the difference! Swap the chemical-laden Tobacco with it's "unknown" ingredients for some some green, clean, good ole' 100% American Grown Hemp. George Washington would be proud! 
Grown right in Sunny California, Our new Tobacco Free Nic Smokes contain literally 2 ingredients. Hemp + Tobacco Free Nicotine. We like to believe simple is better. There's nothing simpler than this; Take all the bad things out of cigarettes like the tobacco and the thousands of chemicals, and replace those bad things with good things like hemp with natural cannabinoids. Our Nic smokes contain zero tobacco, or any other tobacco based ingredients but still infused with satisfying nicotine (7.5mg per cig, roughly equivalent to what you would find in a real cigarette). Want to see the ingredients? Simply scan the COA on the pack and you'll see a full HPLC Chromatograph COA showing the exact compounds and quantified dosage. More information on how our ingredients is sourced can be found below. We invite any smoker to enjoy the taste and satisfaction of a fantastic Bearly Legal smoke over The Legacy Tobacco Brands any day. Nicotine from any source is still an addictive chemical.

Why Tobacco-Free Nicotine Hemp Cigarettes?

The Big F*ck You to Big Tobacco. 100% Tobacco-Free, Nicotine-Infused Hemp Cigarettes. It's like tobacco cigarettes, except they're just better, In just about every way.
Not only do we offer a satisfying smoking experience, but we are very concerned with smoking on the environment. Bearly Legal hemp smokes are 100% made in the USA, grown using organic* not certified* but it is, and utilize sustainable farming practices. Consistent with respecting Mother Nature and her resources, we have designed our filters to our cigarettes to not only offers a hybrid cig-joint like smoking experience, but it is also fully biodegradable. Yes. The filter is bio-degradable.
Bearly Legal's goal is to produce a product that is of superior quality and taste. We invite you to try one of our newest products and share your thoughts. It is our intent to be your premier source for Hemp and Hemp derived cannabinoids and we would like to continue to add to that. We believe in innovation, quality and redefining the hemp industry.
DISCLAIMER: Must be 21 Years to Purchase. Our products may be psycho-active and can induce identical effects to that of THC. Do not operate heavy machinery, drive, or do any activity that may put you or others at risk. Don't send that last text, it doesn't even make sense. Do not use if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Consult your physician before using. Contains 100% Hemp Derived Cannabinoids. Less than .3% D9-THC. Our products are not meant to be a cessation or safer alternative to smoking. Smoking of any kind is bad for your health. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Water is wet. Bears are big. Enjoy at your own risk.
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    Bearly Legal Delta-8-THC Hemp Cigarettes - Carton

    Bearly Legal Delta-8-THC Hemp Cigarettes - 1 Carton 50mg Delta-8 Per Smoke 50mg CBD per Smoke 20 Smokes Per Pack 10 Packs Per Carton Organic 100% USA Made Hemp Organic Paper Bio-Degradable Filter Clean Full Panel COA Professional Grade Manufacturing...

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