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Delta 8 Infused Hemp Cigarettes by Bearly Legal

Bearly Legal Hemp Co prides itself on quality and consistency and produces only the upmost quality, indoor grown, niche strains of boutique hemp nugs, that are then utilized in our Bearly Legal Delta 8 hemp cigarettes.

We grow indoor, year round in Upstate NY and produce some of the best hemp flower on the market. Our indoor hemp flower is 100% organic, soil grown, stacked vertically to maximize volume, staggered bi-weekly harvests for constant fresh flower and the end product is absolutely beautiful. Our premium hemp flower is available with or without Delta 8.

Bearly Legal Hemp Flower goes from cut to finished cure within 4-8 days. The dry freeze technology we use preserves all the trichomes, terpenes, weight, aromas, cannabinoids and it is simply amazing. It completely eliminates the decarboxylation rate of thc-a to delta-9 for a higher grade product that stays under the legal limit. This dry freeze cure also eliminates any microbial growth which has long plagued hang dryers. We believe it's the perfect cure.

We then run our material through a 5 stage sifter to remove any un-wantables (very little if any). No seeds, no stems, no sticks, no garbage. The flower in our cigarettes is the same premium flower we sell in our jars. We then sift it again for good measures
We either use this mixture for our standard pre-roll hemp joints or we introduce Delta-8-THC Distillate to the shredded mix for that extra kick!  We use proprietary tech to ensure and even covering and coating and that each cigarette will contain the exact amount of Delta 8 listed. 

Distributors and wholesalers are encouraged to contact us! Our product will fly off your shelves! 

We guarantee you will not be disappointed or we will buy it back!

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I love it!

This one is my absolute fav out of all the ones I've tastes AMAZING and it gives me the high I need to b able to work in public setting(completely removes my major social anxiety) yet doesn't make me feel heavy or sluggish...I will MOST DEF b getting more of this one

It's very hard to believe it's legal

This D8 vape tank packs a punch and delivers a mellow, stress-relieving, high that had me couch locked and feeling great! The taste is one that i found that was somewhat necessary for me at least to get used to at first but it's nothing that would keep me from purchasing again.

Delta 8 Softgels (50mg per Pack)


Totally worth it!