Strawberry Lemonade | Delta 8 D8 Vape Tank - Bearly Legal Hemp

Strawberry Lemonade | Delta 8 D8 Vape Tank

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Strawberry Lemonade - Bearly Legal D8 Vape Tank


Simply take a puff of this strawberry lemonade tank, and it will taste like you're drinking straight from the big glass pitcher.

The sweet strawberry flavor has just the right amount of tart lemon to keep you on your toes. Refreshing strawberry and lemonade flavors wave from the mouthpiece as you exhale. Nuances of lemon iced tea, marmalade citrus and even some key lime zest. Grab one of these for an extra-special juice sesh'.

Terpene & Flavors

delta 8 all natural terpenes

Prominent Terpenes

  • Limonene
  • Linalool

    Fragrant Notes

    •  Rich strawberry
    •  Tart lemon

    Terpene Enhanced Effects

    • Creativity
    • Calm Content
    • Rest

      More Details

      • 90% Pure Delta 8 Distillate Vape Cartridge
      • 5% All-Natural Flavor Infused Terpenes
      • 1ml per Cartridge
      • Newest Style Fully Ceramic Cartridges (The cartridges feature 2 oval shaped oversized atomizer holes to ensure thick viscous oil like d8 penetrates the atomizer)
      • 100% Hemp Derived (Full chain of custody available)
      • No additives, fillers, modulators, vitamin e acetate, or chemical flavoring - just pure distillate and terpenes
      • Works with all 510 style batteries which consist of almost 95% of batteries on the market

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 18 reviews
      Benjamin tompkins

      This is the best tasting cart I have tried from you guys so far.

      Linnae Dolby
      Not an expert

      I really enjoy the D8 products. I normally smoke actual bud, but when I'm in a place where I need discretion these can do the job just fine imo

      Also this flavor slapped the teeth out of my mouth. Its very good👍

      Kristy F.
      My favorite flavor right now!

      These are my favorite out of many brands!! The taste is great and it’s amazing for chronic pain.

      Pat O
      Never got my order

      I never received my order.


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      Let's figure out whats going on with the order.

      Gloria Samut
      Refreshing relaxation

      Love the mild fruit flavor. Just enough D8 to relax

      Denis Jones

      Tastes great, and packs a punch too!

      Blane Refosco
      Very flavorful!!!

      Love the taste and Vibes I get from this and will definitely purchase again!!!

      VindicatedVeteran420 on IG
      “I’ll Be Back.”

      The flavor is so spot on. It gives a relaxed, yet attentive effect to me. I thought honestly I was SOL on finding a reliable source for my Delta 8 until I found them on Instagram. Customer for life now.

      Daijah Cherry
      Great Taste!

      Taste really good and mellows you, buying again!

      Strawberry lemonade

      This cart tastes just like the name says. Little sweet from strawberry and little bitter from lemonade. Extremely yummy! One of my favorites along with berry gelato! Sweet carts are my favorite