Delta 8 THC Moonrocks | D8 w/ CBD CBG Kief - 3.5g - Bearly Legal Hemp

Delta 8 THC Moonrocks | D8 w/ CBD CBG Kief - 3.5g

Bearly Legal Hemp
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Welcome to Deep Space 9... or should we say 8?

Prepare for liftoff with our new super-potent, super-gooey, packed-to-the-brim with cannabinoids, Delta 8 THC Moonrocks... From the #1 D8 brand you know and trust.

Bearly Legal's New Delta-8 Moonrocks are little nuggets of magical joy.

  • Made from Top Grade A+ Hemp Flower Nugs
  • Gooey Terpene Infused Delta-8 Distillate
  • Covered and Coated in a proprietary cbd, cbg and minor cannabinoids kief blend
  • Max potency use with caution

3.5 Grams | Glass Jar | Bamboo Lid 

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Kevin Peecher
Nice surprise

I was unsure going in about the quality but after I tried them I love them. You won’t be disappointed

Carrie Vogel
Enjoy a lunar landing without leaving your house

These little nuggets of gooey happiness are exactly what you need for a smooth ride to outer space. These were the very first Delta 8 product I ever tried and I fell in love. Sticky, covered in kief absolutely amazing. Buy them, try them, become a disciple of Bearly Legal.

Kari Maurine

Delta 8 THC Moonrocks | D8 w/ CBD CBG Kief - 3.5g

Paul Collier
Excellent when used in Combination

By itself, this will curl your straight hairs and straighten your curled hairs, but it is truly expensive to use it in this way, and also not very productive as the buzz is rather intense, adrenal, really.
But, what you need to do is take a ball of the moon rock, roll it in a rabbit-poop sized pellet, then break that into maybe 20-30 little tiny balls that you mix in with flower. I recommend you just use the flower from the cigarettes, also offered on the site. Grind that to a powder and mix in 20-30 balls in about 3 pinches of flower. Both the flower and the rock will last a lot longer, and the combination is not as harsh on your lungs. If you're using this for chronic pain and chronic nausea like I am, the lower buzz will give you good focus ability and energy to get things done while also seriously distancing pain and creating appetite.

Dave's not here
These rock!

First time I tried it reminded me of hash but then that was 30 years ago so take it with a grain of salt. I would say that this was better than moon rocks that I had previously purchased elsewhere. 5*

Troy Powell

Very nice product i will be gettting more it is very potent an a very nice body efect and head buzz excellent job to the people at barealy legal

Joshua Hall
Really good

First company I've seen that actually uses the oil in the moon rocks as opposed to not even putting oil at all in it

Jason Freed


Good Stuff

Like it a lot, works well. Nice to have a legal alternative!

Katherine Lamb

Delta 8 THC Moonrocks | D8 w/ CBD CBG Kief - 3.5g