D8 & THC-O Combo Vape Cartridge .5ml - Bearly Legal Hemp
D8 & THC-O Combo Vape Cartridge .5ml - Bearly Legal Hemp
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, D8 & THC-O Combo Vape Cartridge .5ml - Bearly Legal Hemp

Delta-8 & THC-O Combo Vape Cartridge .5ml

Bearly Legal Hemp
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D8 & THCO Combo Vape Cartridge .5ml

Introducing a unique special while supplies last! Housed in an amazing 4 (2mm) bored 5ml tank by ALD. These tanks come pre-filled with a 50/50 split of Delta-8 and THCO. 

This gives you the best of both worlds! The immediate effects of delta-8, along with the long-lasting effects of THCO!

The response on this product has been so great we have decided to keep producing it and will introduce 1ml cartridges soon. But for now, take advantage of this amazing offer!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Willian Kannegieter

Delta-8 & THC-O Combo Vape Cartridge .5ml

J Prowler
Wasn't expecting to fly.......

I got my 50/50 D8 & THC-O about a month ago and I didn't use it right away, which is what I do with a lot of things I've bought nd have never tried before. On a whimsical note I decided today was the day to open it up and give er' a rip................ahhI have no wings and I was flying, but at the same time I had never felt such a calm come over my complete body followed by way more intense feelings of euphoria, extreme relaxation, calmness.... most people would say really !%#@ing high. To me it's medicine so I would tell you it's extremely psychoactive. * I have never used BEARLY LEGAL products before and this is the first time ever. I can tell youthat I dig the new THC-OoOoOo.o.o. and as far as their D8 50% /THC-O 50% Blend I loved the 0.5ml Grand Daddy Purple. Don't delay......go out and get Bearly Legals NEW THC-0 or 50/50 blend today!

This review literally made me LOL. Love this. We don't normally do this but this review is worthy of a gift card! Sending you one via email right now. Thanks for your support and so happy you enjoyed the product that much!

Alex Pikos
Too much

They cost too much

Hmm… $19.99 for a THCO and D8 tank. We strive to have not only the highest quality products but pricing that infuriates our competitors lol. I have yet to see any lower prices and we beat out most by a large margin. What makes you feel they cost too much?

Nick Sacca
Added torque

Bearly leagal already has a pretty legit Delta-8 product. Adding THC-O to their carts has increased the strength and added length to their already above average product.

Timothy Myers

Way better then straight delta 8 carts. Really give you the feeling of regular thc carts. Thanks 🐻ly legal hemp company.