Blue Dream | Delta 8 D8 Vape Tank - Bearly Legal Hemp

Blue Dream | Delta 8 D8 Vape Tank

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Blue Dream - Bearly Legal D8 Vape Tank

Blue Dream has grown in popularity and rightfully so, packing a terpene profile that showcases aroma complexity. The sativa-dominant creates a lucid and euphoric state of mind and body.

It's creative and inspiring qualities have minds soaring to the sky. Reminiscent of Blueberry Haze, it has added a gentle yet effective sativa boost that produces an incredible mood lift.

This strain takes you up high without any heavy feelings ... Focused on your aspirations, yet feeling calm and serene all around.

Terpene & Flavors

delta 8 all natural terpenes

Prominent Terpenes

  • Myrcene
  • Alpha Pinene

    Fragrant Notes

    • Blueberries
    • Herbal
    • Floral

    Terpene Enhanced Effects

    • Uplifting
    • Energy
    • Peacefulness

      More Details

      • 90% Pure Delta 8 Distillate Vape Cartridge
      • 5% All-Natural Flavor Infused Terpenes
      • 1ml per Cartridge
      • Newest Style Fully Ceramic Cartridges (The cartridges feature 2 oval shaped oversized atomizer holes to ensure thick viscous oil like d8 penetrates the atomizer)
      • 100% Hemp Derived (Full chain of custody available)
      • No additives, fillers, modulators, vitamin e acetate, or chemical flavoring - just pure distillate and terpenes
      • Works with all 510 style batteries which consist of almost 95% of batteries on the market

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 57 reviews
      Puffer Chews
      Too big for some vaporizers

      These carts work great with your standard pen battery, but couldn’t get anything from my ooze vaporizer even after cleaning. Pulling from the pen was nice. This strain really helps me sleep.

      Matthew Hinson
      Very Relaxing

      Blue Dream is a great choice for bedtime, especially after a long day at work. I 100% recommend this strain.

      Never slept better

      I’m not a heavy hitter. I used to smoke in the 70’s when I was young. Throughout my adult life I’ve had trouble sleeping. Not anymore!! When I get into bed I take a few tokes and it relaxes me and helps me fall asleep. Not only do I fall asleep, but I stay asleep!! I highly recommend blue dream. Sleep tight!!

      Jenna Campbell
      Absolutely love

      3rd time buying same one so good. Love it

      Stephen H
      Prefer d8 over d9

      These carts are great and have converted me from d9 to d8

      Kylie Brant
      Super relaxing

      Super relaxing but gives some energy as well, doesn’t make me a potato

      Matt Emon

      Returning customer

      It was good

      Good hits, the new carts (the black ones) are amazing. Others could learn from their build. Not one clog and the pulls are nice. Flavor was good, blue dream is always a classic in my collection.

      Best so far

      I have had many strains and this one is by far the best. It hits hard and gives a really good buzz. I honestly feel like I have found my strain, until I try something better, this is by far the best. New carts once again are so much better, last longer and hardly clog. Money well spent for sure.

      Jason Freed

      Blue Dream | Delta 8 D8 Vape Tank