Strawberry Cough 99% HHC Vape Cartridge - 1ml Tank - Bearly Legal Hemp

Strawberry Cough 99% HHC Vape Cartridge - 1ml Tank

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Strawberry Cough  99% HHC Vape Cartridge - 1ml Tank


Strawberry Cough is an award-winning Sativa with a sweet, spicy strawberry taste. It is also one of the most popular strains for socializing because it provides users with an uplifting mood and energy.

The origin story behind Strawberry Cough is unknown but what we do know about this strain starts in Connecticut or Vermont where Kyle Kushman was gifted cannabis seeds from plants that grew in a strawberry field. He then crossbred these seeds with Original Haze (a mix of landrace sativas).

The result?

A high-energy, social favorite that has won multiple awards including first place at High Times Cannabis Cup New York 2010.

Strawberry Cough has a sweet, spicy strawberry taste and aroma. It is also known for giving users an uplifting mood and energy making it perfect for socializing or creative activities.


LIFT UP FLAVOR SERIES! These flavors are designed with the same true-to-strain profiles with a boost of flavor-enhancing botanicals that SMACK with bold flavor as well as effects! The best of both worlds. 

  • Strain: 
    • Strawberry Cough
  • Top 5 Terpenes:

Please note this list is only the major terpenes, each blend actually contains between 8-15+ isolates.

    • Terpinolene
    • Limonene
    • beta-Caryophyllene
    • Myrcene
    • alpha-Pinene
  • Pure HHC Distillate | Isolate currently testing around 99.9% Purity
  • 5-10% Terpenes
  • Nothing Else :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cara Laffey
Great taste good quality

Hardware was functional and oil was great

Michael Dice
Absolutely amazing

The best HHC I have had and I have ordered from a lot of a various places. The tanks are also sturdy and super well made

Jonathan Tran
very nice

very nice effects. Clear minded but still feeling really good

Brett Berry
HHC Strawberry Cough

Good taste. Ceramic carts have not clogged yet. The feeling is very close to D9. About as close as anything has been that I have tried. Thc0, thcp, d8. Thcp being second best noid for me I don't like d8 much. Effects can be strong at first but no anxiety to speak of. I'm strictly getting hhc only from now on and only from here. Each time I have purchased stuff is on sale and the carts are 10-20 cheaper than competitors with only a 50 minimum for free shipping . Most other vendors are double that. Happy with my purchase


While the taste is smooth, the feeling is great and it helps with body pains. I am constantly getting positives on THC test! So that’s a huge bummer for me. This is the only thing or have smoked in a long long time so I know it’s this product causing it.

Nicolas Underhill

I bought a lot of HHC as the new cannabinoid let's me work and be social without much, and I can tell you Bearly Legal's is about B quality as compaired to some other ccompanies. The buzz is nice tho and smooth, both a forward and back of the head with a chill body high. The terps on these pods are amazing though! Definitely very tasty, but after a while in one strain you might just get too used to it.
Overall, definitely worth a try if they have some terps you wanna give a go!