Delta-8 D8 Ceramic Vape 1ml - Berry Gelato - Bearly Legal Hemp
Delta-8 D8 Ceramic Vape 1ml - Berry Gelato - Bearly Legal Hemp
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Delta-8 D8 Ceramic Vape 1ml - Berry Gelato - Bearly Legal Hemp

Berry Gelato | Delta 8 D8 Vape Tank

Bearly Legal Hemp
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Berry Gelato - Bearly Legal D8 Vape Tank

Rich in flavor with subtle complexities, this blend complements sweet berry scents with cool and creamy notes. Mixed wild berries are at the forefront of this uplifting Gelato cross.

While Gelato quickly became one of the most popular cultivars on the market many rushed to find a cross that would complement the profile and still stand out on its own. Berry Gelato does just that with jammy berry aromas and an ice cream rich dessert note. Relaxing but conversational, this relaxing terpene blend is perfect for the watercooler.

Terpene & Flavors

delta 8 all natural terpenes

Prominent Terpenes

  • Limonene
  • Humulene
  • Linalool

    Fragrant Notes

    • Wild Berries
    • Sweet Cream

    Terpene Enhanced Effects

    • Uplifting
    • Relaxing

      More Details

      • 90% Pure Delta 8 Distillate Vape Cartridge
      • 5% All-Natural Flavor Infused Terpenes
      • 1ml per Cartridge
      • Newest Style Fully Ceramic Cartridges (The cartridges feature 2 oval shaped oversized atomizer holes to ensure thick viscous oil like d8 penetrates the atomizer)
      • 100% Hemp Derived (Full chain of custody available)
      • No additives, fillers, modulators, vitamin e acetate, or chemical flavoring - just pure distillate and terpenes
      • Works with all 510 style batteries which consist of almost 95% of batteries on the market

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Sucks Average

      Average nothing notable. Your customer service sucked, as you put the burden on the customer for defective products that shouldn’t have shipped in the first. All it took was one order to figure out I don’t need to be ordering anything from you guys. When I called to inform you of the defective product your rep told me to fix it. If you would have a imediately done the right thing we would still be doing business


      Just the right amount of terps, one of my favorites. Great product for the price. Wish there was company swag to buy.

      Pretty good!

      The price is great compared to local shops around my area. The flavor is really good.
      I got the berry gelto (favorite), blue widow (fruity berry flavor) and the raspberry kush but they sent me the OG kush and I haven’t opened that yet. It last a good bit even if you smoke daily. Shipping was quick and easy. Shipped out next day. I like the high. It’s a chill relaxed high. My eye do get low but not red. Does make me cough pretty hard but most vapes do. Munchies are real with this lol Overall good product I’ll definitely be ordering again and I’ve told a few friends to order from this same site.

      Great product!!

      These carts are great good flavor good product great feeling great price!! Highly recommended

      Great product

      I have a high tolerance and this definitely hit me way different, I absolutely love it! Just placed another order , I recommended it although you’ll cough ALOT lol

      ★ Reviews

      Let customers speak for us

      159 reviews
      Pretty good product.

      I have the worlds worst back, and the the Delta 8 THC gummis along with a couple Motrin helped a lot.
      The only negative is that there’s a weird aftertaste. It isn’t unBEARable (bad pun I know), just noticeable.
      Keep up the good work 🙂😀😛

      Holy CRAP

      I ready just about everywhere that D8 isn't super potent compared to D9 so I thought to myself "okay, lemme take a few vape hits and then take a gummy." Lord my tolerance is incredibly low because I was gone for the next three hours. I barely remember what happened except that I was zoned out for the majority of the day. Still, incredibly tasty, fortunately not too bitter tasting, and immensely satisfying high, just be careful and don't be as naive as I was!

      Pretty damn good

      Your edibles tasted kinda nasty which is understandable because they were 25 grams each so over all just a few chews and swallow and it’s a good time.

      Delta 8 THC 25mg Gummies (200mg D8) - 8 pack - Strawberry


      I love these candies! My only complaint is that I ordered the pineapple ones but they were never delivered to me, they were delivered to someone in georgia. I emailed the tracking and order number but I was sent back the same tracking number. Hopefully they'll restock soon!