Delta 8 THC Moonrocks | D8 w/ CBD CBG Kief - 3.5g - Bearly Legal Hemp

Delta 8 THC Moonrocks | D8 w/ CBD CBG Kief - 3.5g

Bearly Legal Hemp
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Welcome to Deep Space 9... or should we say 8?

Prepare for liftoff with our new super-potent, super-gooey, packed-to-the-brim with cannabinoids, Delta 8 THC Moonrocks... From the #1 D8 brand you know and trust.

Bearly Legal's New Delta-8 Moonrocks are little nuggets of magical joy.

  • Made from Top Grade A+ Hemp Flower Nugs
  • Gooey Terpene Infused Delta-8 Distillate
  • Covered and Coated in a proprietary cbd, cbg and minor cannabinoids kief blend
  • Max potency use with caution

3.5 Grams | Glass Jar | Bamboo Lid 

Customer Reviews

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Very sticky

Top shelf stuff.. with good results and legal to possess
Compared to just the buds without D-8 infused


Yo I’m not gunna lie not bad at all the moon rocks fucking amazing ! sorry for the language but just being honest but I did hoped it looked more like the picture though, also the carts are amazing as well I gave to my girl and she don’t know how too act deadass follow me on Insta I’m an athlete Duewallace101

small but effective

While the picture of this product shows a few buds in a jar, I actually got one single bud about 1 inch in diameter. It was on sale for half price when I ordered, so for $35 rather than $70, I was not as disappointed as I would have been at full price. That said, it was actually much more potent than I expected, so I gave it 4 stars. I have been smoking high CBD hemp buds for several months for chronic back pain, but I've not smoked real weed in 20+ years, so I have little tolerance built up. This hemp is actually more potent than I remember real weed buds of 20 years ago being.

It helped my back pain considerably, and I slept the night through without waking even once, which I've not done in many, many months. I only smoked a small pinch of the bud, maybe 1/4 inch, so the $35 price isn't too bad, but I'm not sure I'd pay $70.

I only gave it 4 stars rather than 5 because it is a bit difficult to smoke. I was smoking it using an old vintage Meerschaum pipe made for tobacco. The pinch of this Moonrock burns like it has been dipped in kerosene. I tried tamping it down to prevent the tall flame, but it either burns like a candle or nothing at all. I eventually got the slow smoldering burn I wanted by adding a large pinch of the regular high CBD hemp I already had from another vendor atop the bit of Moonrock. This gave me the low burn I wanted once the Moonrock wasn't getting as much air. I am not sure what they dip the bud in to get the extra kief to stick, but it sort of sticky like corn syrup and highly flammable.

As for the high for someone with no tolerance, it not only helped my back pain more than regular hemp. The regular hemp flowers from another vendor that I've been smoking help my back pain some, but not as much as this Delta 8 Moonrock. I don't feel any sort of high from regular CBD hemp, but this Moonrock left me very mellow and relaxed, without feeling knocked out. It was comparable to having drank a bottle of wine over a few hours time. I would not have been safe to drive, but I could walk about the house safely and make some nachos when the munchies kicked into overdrive.

I live in a state where hemp is legal and medical MJ is not, so this is a easy and legal alternative to regular Delta 9 cannabis.

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159 reviews
Pretty good product.

I have the worlds worst back, and the the Delta 8 THC gummis along with a couple Motrin helped a lot.
The only negative is that there’s a weird aftertaste. It isn’t unBEARable (bad pun I know), just noticeable.
Keep up the good work 🙂😀😛


I ready just about everywhere that D8 isn't super potent compared to D9 so I thought to myself "okay, lemme take a few vape hits and then take a gummy." Lord my tolerance is incredibly low because I was gone for the next three hours. I barely remember what happened except that I was zoned out for the majority of the day. Still, incredibly tasty, fortunately not too bitter tasting, and immensely satisfying high, just be careful and don't be as naive as I was!

Pretty damn good

Your edibles tasted kinda nasty which is understandable because they were 25 grams each so over all just a few chews and swallow and it’s a good time.

Delta 8 THC 25mg Gummies (200mg D8) - 8 pack - Strawberry


I love these candies! My only complaint is that I ordered the pineapple ones but they were never delivered to me, they were delivered to someone in georgia. I emailed the tracking and order number but I was sent back the same tracking number. Hopefully they'll restock soon!