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Introducing Bearly Legal's latest line of exotic cannabinoid edibles

"Bearly Legal Baked-Goods Edibles Collection"

Welcome to The Bear's latest culinary masterpieces of legal THC delights. You can expect to find many hemp-derived THC'S, HHC'S, and other legal cannabinoid edibles of the utmost quality, potency, and of course, flavor.

Bearly Legal's Baked Goods line of products are locally made, small-batch, artisan-crafted, and range from cannabinoid-infused cookies, brownies, Rice Krispy treats, truffles, chocolate taffy caramels and other tasty delights. You can expect new products often as we expand our line of culinary concoctions.

Who knew The Bear could bake?

We know you will love our new line of baked goods! The potential combinations are limitless with the huge array of active ingredients to choose from, like Delta-8, D9, D10, THCO, HHC, HHCO, THCP, and other cannabinoids. This vast selection may seem overwhelming, but this is why our blending experts (Cannamixologists - yes, we just made that word up) and our pre-made formulations come in your favor.

When we create our edibles at Bearly Legal Baked Goods, we tend to pair cannabinoids together to enhance the effects of one another, to create the best synergies between the cannabinoids with the goal of improved entourage effects and still deliver a good ole buzz as strong as you need it. So whatever you're looking to achieve by using Bearly Legal's products, our edibles will be a surefire way to reach that goal. 

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  • "Chocolate Caramel Taffy" | 150mg D9 Per Pouch | Delta-9 THC | 10ct
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