Clementine - THC-O-Acetate Tanks - 1ml

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Clementine - THC-O-Acetate Tanks - 1ml 

Introducing our newest line of THC-O Vape Carts

Clementine is a Sativa with a prominent lineage to live up to with parents like Tangie and Lemon Skunk. Clementine delivers a fragrance that blends fresh, sweet citrus oranges. In addition to oranges, some note a lemon aroma as well that enhances the Sativa experience. When vaped, Clementine tastes like a delicious piece of citrus, a perfect mix of sour and sweet. Unlike some strains, this is one flavor profile you won’t mind having last on the tongue for a bit.

Terpinolene is the dominant terpene in Clementine’s profile at 38%. Its presence assists in giving Clementine additional hints of citrus as well as pine. Ocimene (15%) follows as the second most present, while beta-caryophyllene is third with 10%. Numerous other terpenes including myrcene and limonene round out Clementine’s profile. When it comes to potency, Clementine is one heavy hitter.

Like a true Sativa, Clementine delivers an energizing, uplifting all-around positive feeling to its consumers. It is known to help people loosen up while moving through the day. Those looking for a quick affecting strain should also consider Clementine as it takes hold quickly without overwhelming the spirit.

Clementine is a notable strain for all the right reasons. Offering consumers a flavorful, robust profile that just about transports consumers to an orange grove, this strain has a profile that is hard to beat. It should come as little surprise why it is regarded as a versatile flower that has earned its fair share of awards since hitting the market. 

Depending on the cartridge you get, these may not fit the Pocket Box Battery.

THC-O G.SiX True Ceramic Vape Tank Features:

The G.SiX - The Worlds First Truly All-Ceramic Cartridge is designed to work with all of our cannabinoids both thick and thin.

Introducing Bearly Legal's own tank we have developed in collaboration with our world-class manufacturing partners, the G.SiX is the world's first truly all-ceramic cartridge, featuring a patented 6th generation ceramic kiln fused core. 
What does this even mean? Almost all the tanks on the market today are essentially made the same. The quality ranges vastly with some manufacturers opting for inexpensive heavy metals like lead to keep the price down. This is very dangerous on its own.Now, these standard tanks contain a small heating coil that heats up the oil till it is a vapor. This coil is wrapped around cotton or other types of wicks including silica, plastics, and other things you wouldn't want to ingest.In theory, these wicks soak up the oil from the small boreholes in the tank. The problem with this design is that it is not efficient by any means, especially with thick oils like Delta-8, HHC, Delta-10, and more. As you continue to use the cotton will inevitably dry up causing it to burn up. When this happens you get the dreaded burnt taste and most likely a mouthful of noxious chemical gases in the process. They are also prone to leakage issues as the cotton begins to burn away opening the flood gates of oil.Does the G.SiX All-Ceramic Cartridges Fix This Problem?Yes. Our new all-ceramic G.SiX tanks have no cotton at all and in fact, our engineers have patented a method of integrating the heating coil directly into the wick... which we recreated out of a patented porous type of Ceramic. So the Ceramic is literally the wick (think of it like a sponge). It's truly revolutionary and it produces some of the cleanest, smoothest, and true-to-strain flavor production of any tank on the market.
ceramic thco tanks
What about other ceramic carts on the market?
Just because the exterior and center post is ceramic does not mean the cartridge does not include cotton or chemical-based wick. You may have a pure white cartridge that looks 100% ceramic but if you bust it open, you will likely find the cotton wicks. If there is no cotton wick... then you will likely have issues with leaking. No other major brand carries this type of technology in their cartridges. Also, many manufacturers will simply coat metals in a thin layer of ceramic to appear that they are fully ceramic. 


Bearly Legal Hemp G.SiX True Ceramic Tank Features:

  • 6th Generation Patented Kiln-Fused Ceramic-Coil Integration
  • Connects ceramic center post and coil together directly in lieu of harmful glue/cotton  
  • Porous Center acts as a sponge to replace cotton for the cleanest, purest flavor.
  • Lowest thermal expansion on the market with the lowest thermal expansion across the market. 
  • Holds 1ml (1 Gram)
  • Medical grade Borosilicate glass tank
  • Lead-Free, Completely Heavy Metal Free
  • Upgraded mouthpiece design to allow for maximum air-flow
  • It should be noted that this tank is slightly wider at the base than other tanks. It's also heavier and you can feel the level of quality that goes into it when you touch it. Due to this, the tank may not work with every 510 threaded battery. While it does work with almost all of them, some are just not compatible due to size constraints or non-connection. We have found only around 1-2% will not work properly.
  • We highly recommend our Pocket Box Variable Voltage Battery for this tank as it's specifically designed for the size as well as the cannabinoids. Click here to learn more.


pocket box battery


THC-O Flavor, Effects & Terpene Profile: THCO vape tank clementine
  • Strain: Clementine
  • Terpenes: True Terpenes Clementine
  • Type: Sativa 
  • Flavor: Sweet Juicy Oranges, Lemony Citrus
  • Effects: Energizing, motivating, happy and uplifting
  • About THCO: THC-O or Delta-8-Acetate, tends to deliver an Indica-like effect that can almost overpower the synergy effects from different terpenes. THCO is very body heavy and super relaxing and it may outweigh the Sativa effects from certain terpenes.
  • Anecdotal THCO Notes: It should be noted that we have recently begun to notice a trend with THC-O which we are not quite sure of the reasoning or mechanism behind it. But for a very small % of people, around 3%, THCO has little to no effect. This may be due to high CBD levels or other genetic reasons. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, we are seeing the inverse reaction. Around 3%of people, THCO produces very powerful, almost psychedelic effects. For the rest of the 90%, it works the way it should with a very strong and potent (but delayed) onset.
THC-O Contents:
  • 95% of Pure THC-O-Acetate Distillate
  • 5% Terpenes
  • Nothing Else :)

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