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"Blue Razz" | 33.5mg Delta 8,9,10 THC Blend | 8ct Gummies

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These will come in our standard Delta-8 Gummy Zip Pouches with a sticker indicating the blend (D8 is the most abundant THC)

Bearly Legal Blends | 33.5mg Delta 8,9,10 THCs Gummies | Blue Razz | 8ct 

"I would like to just preface this description with the fact that I just ate one of these gummies and I have been trying to figure out what to call them for the past hour and half. It's hard to explain the differences in the THC's with a simple catchy name. With that being said whatever we do end up calling them, these are f*cking awesome and I love you all."

New from Bearly Legal Blends our D8,D9,D10 THC's Gummies

Each gummy contains:

• 25mg Delta-8-THC
• 8mg Delta-9-THC
• 0.5mg Delta-10-THC 

Along side of those hemp-derived THC's come with some nice minor cannabinoids including CBDA, CBD and CBN

These full-spectrum, top-heavy on the THC side, gummies are perfectly legal. They deliver a potent and synergistic ratio of hemp-derived cannabinoids suitable for recreational or other potentially medicinal uses. They also taste amazing.

Potent. Perfect. Delicious.  

Package Includes:


  • 8 Individual Gummies - Vegan - Gluten Free
  • 33.5mg THC's per Gummy
  • 268mg THC's per Pack